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Hello, we're Best Catering!

For the past 10 years, Best’s Tingkat has served over 6,000 families and counting with healthy & nutritious homecooked meals at affordable prices. Unlike typical food delivery services, our Tingkat meals are quality homecooked food which contain less salt, less oil with no added MSG & preservatives.

A healthy, tasty & nutritious meal that reminds us of home can nourishes both the body and the mind. With over 200 dishes on our menu, you will always be in for a different treat every day. Have your daily meals settled with us today!


Every mom's key ingredient is her love, all our meals are prepared with great care & love. We are our customers preferred tingkat caterer for all meals, approved by over 3,000 mummies & counting!


5 Star Assurance

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No preservatives Less salt Less oil Less Sugar

Top Favourite Dishes


Baked Salmon With Tropical Fruit


Peach Gum Snow Pear Soup


Stir Fried Vegetable With Sliced Fish


Herbal Chicken Fungus Soup

Add On Daily Specials

Whether you’re craving for traditional kuehs or classic buns, there’s a treat here for everyone! Add on your fav treats with our Tingkat meals today. You know what they say, there’s always room for desserts or tea-time!


Ang Ku Kueh | $8/set


Marble cake | $8/cake


Assorted Kueh | $8.00/set


Harum Manis | S$8.00/set

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    Hayley | Daughter of Parenting Influencer

    "Mummy always headache & take so long to decide what to eat everyday. 🤪 So best is to order from Best Catering! No need to headache liao. Also no need to wash dishes. 😆 Everyday got different food & soup! 🙌🏻 Plus it’s healthy, yummy & really convenient! Fresh + no MSG or preservatives added at all! Love how generous their portions are too! Fish all very big de lor! Got cod fish, salmon all that de hor! 😍 Each person gets 2 dishes + 1 soup & white/brown rice!"


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    Jayne Tham | Digital Creator,
    Mummy of 2

    "Vern and I usually eat out/order in for our dinners because it’s a big headache to think of what to cook, and also because I’m a little lazy to wash up after 😂 So when Best Catering told me that they recently started a tingkat service, I knew it’s something we could try. Beats eating out every day right?

    We opted for the healthy set and I love the variety of dishes every single day. The food was really flavorful and I was impressed more so by the simmered soups that were prepared. The meals contain zero MSG & preservatives so you can be eat well assured that it’s a healthy meal!"


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    Christine | Food Content Creator

    "I really feel that this is the most well balanced food i have ever received by far YET the taste of the dishes is so pronounced and you could really taste the freshness and quality of each ingredients 🍲🥦🐔while the soup is more on the delicate side which i love, coz more salt might cause water retention!✨✨

    Be good to yourself and choose this nutritious well balanced meal so that you could feel better and be in BETTER condition for your loved ones 😊💛"


Tingkat Meal Packages

We offer both Family Tingkat & Healthy Tingkat. Prices start from as low as $5.50/pax & we deliver right to your doorstep everyday. Find out which menu suits your lifestyle the most.

bg Family Tingkat Prices start as low as $5.50 per pax each meal
  • Value for Money
  • Hearty meals for all ages
  • Mid-week local treats such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice & more
View Family Tingkat Menu
bg Healthy Tingkat Prices start at $12.97 per pax each meal
  • Health-conscious diet
  • Nutritious & Healthier Cooking Method
  • Premium ingredients & Double boiled soups
View Healthy Tingkat Menu

How it works


Pick your preferred menu & package

Choose between Healthy Tingkat & Family Tingkat with your preferred contract period.


Review your order & particulars

Fill up your details & await for your order confirmation from our friendly sales consultants


Eat & Enjoy

Sit back & relax while we do the cooking & delivering! Expect to receive a hearty meal when the time comes.

Menu Categories


Tingkat Meal Plans

Delivering delicious, healthy & affordable meals to you every day


Mini Buffet

Ramp it up at your next soiree party and let us handle the cooking. From local favourites to international cuisines, we've got you covered!


Mini Party Set

A wholesome catering experience that's party-worthy. Perfect for all kinds of occasions and gatherings!


Mini High Tea

Savour a wide variety of delectable mouth-watering small bites to complete your tea session!